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Tontokrom, Ghana

District Hospital: St. Martin's Hospital, Agroyesum

Nearest City: Kumisi

Our laboratory in Ghana has four main goals:

1)   Improve communication between clinics and TLI: a program running on Android phones has been developed at MVP headquarters and subsequently deployed in the field. This software now allows midwives to warn the lab assistant at TLI that medical samples are on the way and, in return, it is used at TLI to send the results back to clinics as soon as they are available. Midwives are therefore informed within a day and can fine tune their diagnostic before patients leave the clinic.

2)   Improve data management at TLI: Excel sheets using dedicated VBA macros have been developed either to help manage clinical data or to make calculations or calibrations easier for routine tests.

3)     Review standard operating procedures and Master Security Data Sheets to enhance the compliance of TLI towards the Ghana Health Service rules and requirements.

4)       Try to demonstrate the outcomes of TLI on public health: it eventually proved difficult to get such proofs due to the lack of control data outside the Bonsaaso cluster or within the Bonsaaso cluster before TLI started to operate.