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Koraro, Ethiopia

The TLI operates three laboratories in the Koraro cluster of villages in the Tigray province of Ethiopia. 

District Hospital: Hawzen District Hospital.

Nearest City: Mekele

The labs are attached to health centers, which include  outpatient, delivery, abortion, opthamology, admission, Mother Child Health Centre and Laboratory. Each lab process samples from between 20-50 people a day. 

There are about 3-5 samples per day processed for suspected TB in each lab.  HIV samples are sent to Wukro, Mekele or Adagrit for CD4 analysis.

Analyses carried out include:

·       Tuberculosis (AFB)

·       Malaria blood film

·       Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

·       Hemoglobin

·       Blood type

·       Stool examination

·       Gram stain for bacteria

·       Urinal analysis for various chemical markers (specific gravity, sugar protein, etc) as well as micro biological examination including pregnancy for CHG. 


Below are some educational materials from the Koraro cluster health centers. Patients are warned about coughing openly and are advised to cover their mouths.  The first picture illustrates DOT (Directly Observed Treatment) for Tuberculosis.