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TLI Package

TLI Package

The goal of the TLI Package is to develop and validate an integrated package of diagnostics that can be easily deployed at the point of care in remote rural communities.

Our team works closely with governments and has relationships with accredited laboratories in Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda and Malawi to facilitate the testing and implementation of new technologies. TLI focuses on either rapid diagnostic tests to reduce the need for technicians to engage in complicated diagnostic techniques, or easily performed tests that require minimum training and supervision, and can be performed without expensive energy-intensive equipment.

We seek novel partnerships with companies and research labs who have developed diagnostic and monitoring tools required for any of the following (among others):

-Basic Biochemistry                                                                                  


-Neglected Tropical Diseases                                                                  

-Antenatal care                                                                                          




The TLI Package consists of:

·       A diagnostic package of interventions, suitable to local conditions, needs and disease burden, which is fully integrated with already existent District, Regional and National level systems.

·       Specimen handling, transport and reporting mechanisms to ensure a continuum of care from the lowest level (household) through to the national reference laboratory.

·       Development of human resource capacity and competency through the training of lab technicians, health care staff and community health workers in the proper diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases

·       External accreditation by district/national level agencies to ensure the quality of services


Data collection

Monitoring and evaluation

Continuous feedback the company

Additional Services:

Based on our team’s extensive experiences working, living and conducting laboratory experiments in resource-limited settings, we also offer a range of implementation and consultation services including (but not limited to):

5.     Provision of access to nationally-accredited laboratory sites and clinics to test device/intervention

6.     Incorporation of the on-the-ground challenges and needs in the design of novel devices/interventions

7.     Integration of new to market technologies into the already existing diagnostic package

1.     Study design to pilot novel devices/interventions

2.     Local Institutional Review Board and Ethics Committee approval

3.     Validation and comparability studies of novel device/intervention

4.     Independent evaluation of device/intervention